Review: Reverie [YA Fantasy, M/M Romance]

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3/5 stars

this has a lot of good ideas, such as the concept of a “reverie”, a dream-like state that can pull people into it and have devastating consequences. unfortunately, i think the book failed to deliver on its promise.

kane made some stupid, illogical decisions such as trusting/not trusting certain people that made absolutely no sense and were clearly there only for the furthering of the plot. the plot itself was veryslow-going at first, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but even when it picked up it felt oddly disjointed, like an inexperienced knitter dropping stitches all the time.

the romance was same gender (m/m) which was nice, but the trajectory was very predictable. the characters were also not particularly interesting.

basically, a solid 3 star book: interesting premise, failed execution.

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